Board Meeting / Sep 7th 2023

Board Meeting / Sep 7th 2023

Music Artist Networking Association


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In the meeting, Jevon and Nate discussed the importance of naming their music artist network app and network association, as well as the potential for their network association to become a reputable organization that professionals would want to join. They also discussed the possibility of incorporating AI into their platform and the importance of having everything ready for a January launch.

The funding for the Apple TV subscription was also discussed, with Jevon suggesting funding it himself, but Nate questioning the motive behind it. They decided to think about it and come up with a plan. The importance of choosing the right platforms for their music app was also debated, considering market share and revenue potential.

The challenges artists face in the current music industry were explored, including the lack of fair treatment and credible spaces for artists to showcase their work. They discussed the potential for a platform that brings together creatives and audiences, offering different services and opportunities for engagement. The need for a platform that provides fair treatment and engages fans was emphasized, and the potential for such a platform to create a new model for the music industry was discussed.