Board Meeting / Sep 14th 2023

Board Meeting / Sep 14th 2023

Technical Onboarding


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Nate and Jevon discussed logistics for a meeting with Oliver and Jevon's onboarding process. Nate provided guidance on setting up Jevon's email account and two-factor authentication, as well as updates on the Org Chart, Calendar, and grant application. They also briefly discussed music production and branding for Epsilon Records, and plans for creating content for their TV show. Nate shared his personal experience with running a company and investing in Afi, a two-factor authentication app.

Throughout the meeting, Nate acted as a meeting assistant, facilitating communication and problem-solving, as well as providing step-by-step guidance on technical issues. They also discussed Jevon's upcoming visit to Amsterdam and his daughter's interest in technology. The meeting ended with Jevon thanking Nate and agreeing to call him later if there were any issues.

Next they discussed creating a Slack group called Fundraising and received a message on LinkedIn about raising money. They discussed the potential for raising money, including checking out the website of the company that the woman works for. They also discussed the possibility of linking their accounts and the importance of security when they become a billion-dollar company. Additionally, they mentioned meeting up with a hip-hop artist and discussed the heavy military presence in the area.

They also discussed Jevon's potential role in the company, including HR and ethics responsibilities, and the need for three more advisors and potential candidates. They agreed to set up a meeting with the potential advisors and discussed the importance of finding the right fit. Finally, they talked about the changing landscape of the music industry, the importance of building generational wealth and leaving a legacy for future generations, and the advantages and disadvantages of growing up in the social media age. They also touched on the importance of choosing the right investor and setting a timeframe for raising funds.

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