Board Meeting / Sep 13th 2023

Board Meeting / Sep 13th 2023

Getting Organized


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Nate and Jevon discussed various aspects of their artist management business. They talked about the importance of organizing the artist's content and planning release dates, and Jevon suggested pushing out content in Amsterdam and signing DJs to expand their reach. They also discussed the details of hiring a new employee, including salary and probation period, and the need for safety measures on the platform, including identity verification. Nate provided a comprehensive overview of the company's policies and procedures, covering everything from culture and talent to leave policy.

Nate and Jevon also discussed their plans for the upcoming trip to Amsterdam, including the logistics of bringing Jevon's family along. They talked about the formation of their company and the possibility of registering it in Jevon's new studio space in Wimbledon. They also discussed their shared passion and skills to make money and pivot their business strategy, and the challenges they face in negotiating with partners and pulling numbers out of thin air.

Additionally, they discussed their plans for company growth and future expansion, including the possibility of setting up a scheduled weekly call with mentors and supporters to help spread the energy and grow the company. They also talked about hiring a personal assistant to help with the workload and getting an investment to achieve their goals. They discussed the need for a woman's perspective in approving women's content and branding responsibilities, and Jevon suggested that his fiance should be in charge of content focused around women and family-oriented content. Finally, they briefly touched on the topic of balancing work and family life when working with a partner.

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