Board Meeting / Sep 11th 2023

Board Meeting / Sep 11th 2023

Feature Brainstorm


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Nate and Jevon had a comprehensive discussion about various aspects of their music platform, including its features, design, and potential partnerships. They talked about implementing AI in multiple facets of the project, such as generating mood-based playlists and providing user insights. In terms of design, they discussed the use of various UI tools, focusing on elements like the dashboard and feed, and even considered hiring a developer from Indonesia. They also touched on integrating Dolby Atmos technology, TV access, and an airplay function for videos.

They explored different pricing structures and levels of access for various types of users, including artists, managers, labels, and fans. Further ideas included incorporating a coloring system for territories and genres, a directory, and potential integrations with platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Unique features like a "Brain" section for chat and questions, as well as a "Mana Garden" for merchandise sales, were also discussed.

In addition to all this, they considered the involvement of a potential investor who could serve as a valuable board member. Nate asked Jevon to sketch out ideas for each page of the platform, and both expressed excitement about its potential. Overall, they examined a wide range of elements, from design to functionality, to make their platform more innovative and user-friendly.